Carl Barron: Drinking with a fork
29 April

After making over 300,000 people laugh on his last tour, Carl returns at his brilliant best with his brand new show. Be there for a night where Carl blends structure with chance, or as he likes to call it – drinking with a fork. Age restriction: 15+  Read more

Heath Franklin's Chopper - Bogan Jesus
01 May

The world’s had religion ever since God was in nappies, & what have we got to show for it: wars, terrorist attacks & Christian rock. It's time religion took a look at itself, so Chopper’s starting his own, in his own image, & giving hell to the almighty.  Read more

29 May
30 May
The Ten Tenors - wish you were here
29 May to 30 May

The TEN Tenors are undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest entertainment success stories, with more than 90 million people worldwide witnessing their unmistakable charm, camaraderie and vocal power.  Read more

AOTNZ - Seed
07 July

Winner of the 2014 Adam New Zealand Play Award, Seed by Elisabeth Easther follows four women as they try to get pregnant, stay pregnant or become un-pregnant - the dilemmas of modern reproduction.   Read more


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