Technical services

Staging your event at Baycourt grants you access to our pool of experienced technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Our technical team will work closely alongside you to bring your vision to life and help you make the most of this superb facility.

When you deal with Baycourt you gain technical expertise from an experienced team of technicians with specialist skills, each and every Baycourt technician has an understanding of how to make technical production for an event come together.

Baycourt technicians understand all the technical requirements of major touring productions. They have specialist skills in audio, lighting, theatre rigging and all other stage equipment, and are happy to assist with whatever you may need.

For detailed information on technical equipment available at Baycourt, contact the Baycourt Technical Department.

View the Technical Specifications (3mb pdf) and Technical Plans

Baycourt does not hire any equipment externally, contact Bay Audio Visual

Last Reviewed: 10/10/2018

View of Backstage Equipment

Backstage Equipment