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Social Climbers

Tuesday 20 November

Family Friendly


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Tuesday 20 November 7:30pm


Addison Theatre, Baycourt


Presented by: Ben McDonald

What do you call six women stranded on a mountain in the rain: ridiculous! Or you could call them social climbers… but just not to their faces!

Once at the hut, not only do they unload their packs full of food, wine, and a souvenir rock; their hang-ups get unloaded as well.

Torrential rain and a flooded bridge keep them stranded for three days. What they get up to, to help pass the time, raises a few eyebrows and will have you laughing, tearing up and applauding enthusiastically as they bare all.

Of course, it’s not just souls that are exposed, there’s a little nudity, a cracking thunderstorm, explosions, screaming bloody murder, ghostly stories, a birthday celebration, a séance, a drunken party, confessions, melt downs and revelations that will keep you and your friends entertained throughout.

Perfectly timed for your own social group’s ascent into summer, don’t miss this hilarious play when it comes to a town near you in November.


Adult (premium): $89.90
Adult (A Reserve): $85.00
Adult (B Reserve): $69.90
Child (5-16 years): $55.00
Groups 10+ (Baycourt Box Office only): $69.90

Ticketing service fees apply.